Posts of the month: october 2012


mailto: links are evil (not because of spam)

The easiest way to let visitors send you an e-mail through your web site is putting your e-mail address inside a mailto: link. This appears to be a clever move (“they’ll click on the mailto: link, write me the e-mail and that’s it”) but it is not! Read more...

Tags: web, html, e-mail

LaTeX: loading equations from an external file

Some time ago I had to give a hand to my girlfriend in writing one of her physics papers using LaTeX. Obviously she provided the content, and asked me for some advice on how to write the LaTeX code. It wasn’t a though task, but the source code was a real mess because of all the (sometimes huge) equations being mixed up with the text.

I started marking all the equations with intrusive comments to help my eyes set them apart from the text, but the code was getting even more unreadable. Read more...

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